Women in the Wild

June 30 – July 4, 2020

This experience is designed for the woman who thought she could never come out on the high seas in a kayak and survive in the Wild!  It is for the woman who has always wanted to visit beautiful British Columbia… experience the beaches and wildlife, the utter beauty and quiet and paddle the fabulous Broken Group Islands off pristine Vancouver Island’s West Coast.

It is a call to the Wild Woman inside us who wants to feel that wildness and immerse herself in the Power of Nature and, at the same time, challenge herself to go beyond her comfort level and do something that is daring (hey, isn’t that you?).

Join us for this Women in the Wild Kayaking Skills and Paddling Adventure.  This 5 day package combines kayaking through a multitude of islands and islets with an intensive Kayaking and Camping Skills component and a Paddle Canada certification.

Now to Begin...

The focus is on preparing you for the multi-day kayaking trip into one of  the  most spectacular paddling destinations in Canada, the Broken Group Islands (BGI) in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.  You will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to come out on the high seas with other like-minded women and Journey into the Wild.

For the first two days you will be immersed (and I do mean immersed) in paddling skills and safety combined with camp craft.  You will learn:

      • Kayaking Skills – a solid foundation of paddle strokes, edging, bracing, towing, launching techniques, wet exits and solo and assisted rescues. We delve into risk management, how to apply a framework for route planning, how to outfit  your kayak for comfort and safety, and, if you are thinking of buying, what kind of kayak would be best for you. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded your Paddle Canada certification.  We have added on the Level 1 certification, so if you have your Basic or similar experience or you pass all the Level 1 requirements, you will be awarded Level 1.  All participants receive the same amount of instruction.
      • Seawomanship Skills to help you navigate on the ocean in safety.  Learn how to: read your chart and the common symbols, figure out tide and current calculations, listen to weather reports to make an informed decision of whether to paddle or not, use a compass, take a bearing and use piloting, communication devices and on-water signals  You can take your new found knowledge on the sea and chart out a trip plan for your 3 day adventure.  You continue to work on all your new-found skills over the entire 5 days.  This takes your knowledge to a whole new depth as you practice on the ocean what you have learned.  Talk about experiential education and what a place to practice!!  Think how euphoric you will feel by the end of this amazing journey!
      • Camp Craft – part of the fun of a multi-day kayaking adventure is setting up camp.  You will be a savvy and knowledgeable camper in no time!  You will learn what clothes and gear to bring, how to pack your dry bags and kayak, how to set up a campsite with tents, tarps, and kitchen and build a fire.  Around the campfire discussions include wilderness ethics and environmental awareness, camp etiquette, food preparations and storage, etc… we have lots to share!

Journey into the Wild

You are now ready to paddle into the Broken Group Islands, a spectacular destination of countless islands and islets. Home to the Huu-ay-aht and Tseshaht First Nations for thousands of years, we travel back in time as we paddle their ancient water routes. Lush vegetation abounds due to the abundant rainfall and mild temperatures. Majestic old growth forests of Sitka spruce and western red cedar grow to towering heights. Snow capped mountain vistas, white shelled beaches and soaring bald eagles welcome us. We have also been blessed with sightings of whales at times and our West Coast marine mammals and birds are prevalent on our paddles.

So let the Wild Woman out to come and play with other female adventuresses!  Each day is an adventure… from paddling in between numerous islands and islets, to standing next to massive old growth cedars and firs (okay we hug them sometimes), listening spell bound to stories about First Nations of long ago in this their ancestral home, camping under sacred cedars to sitting mesmerized around a campfire sharing heartfelt conversation.   All this is waiting for you…..

Cost is $1280 plus 5% goods and service tax (gst).  Your Women in the Wild Kayaking Skills and Paddling Adventure package includes:

* 5 glorious days of kayaking and camping off the shores of the wild West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

* Experiencing spectacular scenery, pristine wilderness, and our amazing wildlife (think sea lions, dolphins and whales…).

* Kayaking and Camping Skills – 2 day intensive course  to introduce you to kayaking and camping in the wilderness.

* The Paddle Canada Basic Certified Course for Beginners – you will receive your nationally recognized certification upon successful completion.  For those who have the Basic or similar skills, we have added on the Level 1 certification.

* Additional instruction and hands-on practice in Seawomanship & Trip Planning throughout the 5 days.

* Hearty and healthy meals (all food allergies addressed in the Registration Package), snacks and beverages from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 5 (and we do sneak in chocolate :-)).

* Fibreglass kayaks and all the regulation Transport Canada gear (pump, paddle, tow rope, v lifejacket with whistle, plus sprayskirts and paddle floats).

* Professional, certified, knowledgeable and very supportive Guides and oh yes we are personable and fun to be with.

* Safety equipment and extensive first aid kit and communication devices.

* All group camping equipment except a sleeping bag and pad (available to rent if needed).

* Dry bags for your personal gear.

* Launch, camping and park fees.

Register here or contact Jan or more details.