Group Tours

Private, School, Team, or Corporate Group Tours

Adventuress has provided many hours of  paddling fun for all sorts of groups.  A swim team from Ontario, a First Nation group from Cowichan, grade and high school classes from the Mainland and up north in Terrace, Girl Guides, corporate groups, conference attendees and spouses, all-women celebrations, and private family and friends get togethers….all looking to enjoy a paddling adventure together.  For all our visitors, it is such a thrill to come kayaking out on the ocean and experience all of our wonderful marine life, especially out here in Nanoose where the waters are so clear.

We have paddled over to see the sea lions, around the islands, stopping to peer over and see the brightly coloured sea stars and look for sea cucumbers at low tide.  Some groups prefer the lake and so we go to a local park and enjoy the warmer waters and sandy shores.

Business groups come into town and like to do a fun staff activity as part of their retreat… so off we go (Adventuress has had groups as large as 24 at one time) and enjoy the comaraderie that develops when you play together.   Or if you are hosting a conference and want to provide different activities for the delegates and their spouses; kayaking becomes an option.   Lunches can be provided for the longer day trips… call to order.

And women… well women love to hang out with other women…  we do lots of fun trips together… stagettes, birthday celebrations, multi-day adventures to the wild West Coast… sunset paddles, full moon howls and lunch day tours.  For more all-women fun, see Wilderness Adventures for Women.

Contact Jan to discuss your group and some tour recommendations to fit in with your plans.


Letters of Recommendation

David Plottel writes… “It is my pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of Adventuress Sea Kayaking and its owner/director, Jan Kretz. Ms. Kretz and I have planned kayaking lessons for my grade five camping groups for the past two years. Both experiences have been the highlight of the camp trip. Students have spoken about it in grad speeches and many older siblings and friends tell their grade five counterparts about it. Ms. Kretz’s classes include a 45 minute lesson on dry land, that includes safety and methodology, then she takes the students out in the water for a 45 minute paddle around Mark Bay (on Newcastle Island).

She is always sensitive to the students’ fears about first time kayaking, but by the end of each session, every student and staff member is grinning ear to ear  with their new found success. I would recommend her program to any school group and I would be happy to speak to anyone about it over the phone or by email.”  

Tanya Kippan recommends“It is a sincere pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Jan Kretz of Adventuress Sea Kayaking.  Jan has been running a trip on Newcastle Island for my PE 10 Leadership class for the last three years.

Jan is incredibly organized and diligent in getting all documents and paperwork organized for our trip.  She was able to supply all insurance policies, routes for our trip with alternative routes for varying weather conditions and invoices in a timely and efficient manner.  She was able to exceed all qualifications and acceptable procedures for our school district (School District No. 38 – Richmond).

Jan’s knowledge and experience is evident in the way she interacts with the students and in the way she is able to make every paddler comfortable on the water, especially the beginners.  Safety is a priority for Jan and she is well prepared for any situtation that may arise.  She is able to effectively convey all safety procedures and skills to the students prior to departure.  My students all adored Jan because of her patience and caring nature in her teaching and coaching both on and off the water.

Jan is an incredible instructor with exceptional experience.  I cannot express enough how much I appreciate Jan’s willingness to work with my group each year, even contacting me in advance to ensure I get my dates booked prior to her booking other events.  I trust Jan with  my student’s safety and that is the utter most compliment any teacher can give to a third party.  Because of Jan, my students have walked away from their kayaking experience feeling empowered and confident. ”