Trip Dates

Adventuress is open March to the end of September, so if the weather is fine and you feel like paddling, give us a call!   If you wish to kayak on an alternative date from those listed, feel free to call and reserve a time more suitable for you.

Book your own private tour, no additional cost!  Bring your friends, family members, out of town guests, or work buddies and create your own tour.    People are already starting to book their 2018  multi-day tour for their  group.   It is best to reserve early to get the dates you want for your group’s availability and the dates are still open with Adventuress….the season goes fast!! Call Jan to reserve 250.755.6702 or 1.866.955.6702 (toll free) or adventuress@shaw.ca.

March 2018
This month is especially good to come on a Sea Lion Tour.  The herring are running and sometimes we can see up to 300 sea lions (and more!) on the haul-out.  They cavort and play and swim the waters to feed on herring. A great family tour!   As always, Adventuress adheres to wildlife viewing protocols keeping our distance to minimize impact.

The Seamanship & Trip Planning Course for Paddlers (an ideal beginner course for kayakers) begins this month on March 1st and goes for 5 Thursday evenings.  A great way to start the paddling season!  We study weather, tides and currents, chart reading, navigation and trip planning.  See more details of the course under Lessons.

It is still early in the season, so feel free to e-mail and book your choice of tour if it is not listed.

Sea Lions in Nanoose

Sea Lion Kayaking Tour

1                         Seamanship Course (#1)
3                        Sea Lion Tour
4                        Sea Lion Tour
8                        Seamanship Course (#2)
10                      Sea Lion Tour
11                      Sea Lion Tour
15                      Seamanship Course (#3)
17                      Seaside Tour
18                      Sea Lion Tour
22                      Seamanship Course (#4)
24                      Sea Lion Tour
25                      Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
26                      Sea Lion Tour
29                      Seamanship course (#5)
30                      Sea lion Tour
31                       Blue Moon Howl

April 2018
Our launch locations are tidal dependent, so times will vary according to when the tide is high.  As well, these are suggested tours each day.  If you would like another tour on a particular day, please call  or e-mail to arrange.  If that tour is not already booked, we can change it to another tour. Celebrate Easter with your family and join us for the Sea Lion  Tours on the weekend of March 31-April 2nd.  Double kayaks are available for parents to paddle with younger ones in the front.

Time to gear up for lessons… we begin our lessons with the 2.5 hour Discover Kayaking lesson on April 14th… a gentle introduction to the sport of kayaking.  Later in the month on April 28th, we offer our full day Paddle Canada Certified Course for Beginners.  See Lessons for more details.

Fabulous Friends Weekend

1                  Sea Lion Tour – Happy Easter!
2                  Sea Lion Tour
3                  Sea Lion Tour
4                  Sea Lion Tour
5                  Sea Lion Tour
6                  Sea Lion Tour
7                  Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
8                  Sea Lion Tour
9                  Sea Lion Tour
10                Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
11                Sea Lion Tour
12                Sea Lion Tour
13                Sea Lion Tour
14                Discover Kayaking Lesson
14                Sunset Paddle
15                Sea Lion Tour
16                Sea Lion Tour
17                Sea Lion Tour
18                Sea Lion Tour
19                Sea Lion Tour
20                Sea Lion Tour
21                Sea Lion Tour
22                Mistaken Island Lunch Tour

23                Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
24                Sea Lion Tour
25                Sea Lion Tour

26                Sea Lion Tour
27                Sea Lion Tour
28                Paddle Canada Certified Course for Beginners
29                Full Moon Howl
30                Sea Lion Tour

May 2018

The waters are warming up, so come and take the plunge and join our full day certified Paddle Canada Kayaking Course for Beginners on the 20th. You can also book a Discover Kayaking lesson… a 2.5 hour introduction to kayaking.  We do have one on May 26th or feel free to book one for you and your friends or family on another date.   See Lessons for more details.

Come howl with us on the Full Moon on May 29th!  This is the last month for the Sea Lion Tours as they leave our waters for their mating grounds.  So if you haven’t had a chance to come and enjoy the paddle across the bay to see them, now is the time.

Since many dates are open in May, feel free to book a tour of your choice on any day.  The tours here are suggested and can possibly be changed if not already reserved.  If you have experience, you can also enjoy paddling with the rentals of our boats and gear.  See here for Rental Information.

Kayaking with Adventuress Sea Kayaking

Nature’s Art Galley.. in the Gulf Islands

1                        Sea Lion Tour
2                        Sea Lion Tour
3                        Sea Lion tour
4                        Sea Lion Tour
5                        School Group (full)
                       Sea Lion Tour
7                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
8                        School Group (full)
9                        Sea Lion Tour
10                      Sea Lion Tour
11                      Sea Lion Tour
12                      Sea Lion Tour
13                      Winchelsea Islands tour
14                      Sea Lion Tour
15                      Sea Lion Tour
16                      Sea Lion Tour
17                      Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
18                      Sea Lion Tour
19                      Paddle Canada Certified Course for Beginners
20                      Sea Lion Tour
21                      Sea Lion Tour
22                      Sea Lion Tour
23                      Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
24                      Sea Lion Tour
25                      Discover Kayaking
26                      Sea Lion tour
27                      Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
27                      Sea Lion Tour
28                      Sea Lion Tour
29                      Full Moon Howl


Contemplative Time in the Broken Group Islands

June  2018
Paddle into the Sunset… come join us for these beautiful, relaxing tours…. most evenings… call to book.    Welcome Families … we have double kayaks to accommodate younger members or to paddle with a friend. We head to the Wild West Coast… again this year  for Adventuress’ Women in the Wild trip!!  We have paired a  2 day intensive Kayaking and Camping Skills course followed by a 3 day trip into the Broken Group Islands beginning June 25th.  See here for more info.  This combo insures your skills and confidence before you hit the high seas and journey into the spectacular Pacific Rim National Park.

Open for day tours.. try our 2 hour Seaside Tour, Sunset Paddle or our 3.5 hour Mistaken Island Lunch Tour… you pick!  More lessons to be had… our full day Paddle Canada course for beginners (June 2nd)  or our fun, introductory 2.5 hour Discover Kayaking lesson (June 9th).

1                       Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
2                       Paddle Canada Certified Kayaking Course for Beginners
3                       Seaside Tour
4                       Winchelsea Islands  Tour
5                       Mistaken Island Kayaking Tour
5                       Sunset Paddle
6                       Mistaken Island Lunch
6                       Sunset Paddle

7                       Seaside Tour
7                       Sunset Paddle
8                       Seaside Tour
8                       Sunset Paddle
9                       Discover Kayaking Lesson
9                       Sunset Paddle
10                     Seaside Tour
10                     Sunset Paddle
11                     Seaside Tour
11                     Sunset Paddle
12                     Seaside Tour
12                     Sunset Paddle
13                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
13                     Sunset Paddle
14                     Seaside Tour
14                     Sunset Paddle
15                     Seaside Tour
15                     Sunset Paddle
16                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
16                     Sunset Paddle
17                     Seaside Tour
17                     Sunset Paddle
18                     Seaside Tour
19                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
19                     Sunset Paddle
20                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
20                     Sunset Paddle

21                     Seaside Tour
21                     Sunset Paddle
22                     Seaside Tour
22                     Sunset Paddle
23                     Seaside Tour
23                     Qualicum Beach Evening Tour
24                     Seaside Tour
24                     Discover Kayaking
24                     Sunset Paddle
25-29                Women in the Wild Trip
25                     Seaside Tour
25                     Sunset Paddle
26                     Seaside Tour
26                     Sunset Paddle
27                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
27                     Sunset Paddle
28                     Seaside Tour
28                     Full Moon Howl
28                     Sunset Paddle
29                     Seaside Tour
29                     Sunset Paddle
30                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
30                     Sunset Paddle

July  2018
The days are hot and the paddlin’ is fine!  Bring out your visiting friends and family who don’t get to enjoy Life here on beautiful Vancouver Island.  Tours leave daily… call to reserve.   These are suggested tours, so feel free to call and arrange the one you want if they aren’t already booked.  Tours are tidal dependent so times vary according to the tour and the day you choose.  Paddle the magical the Gulf Islands and join us this month for  the Gulf Islands Getaway… two days of paddling fun and one night of camping July 6-7th.  Want something very adventurous?  Come paddle the epic Kayaking with the Orcas  trip July 20-23.   For those wanting to increase their kayaking skills, join us for a full day Paddle Canada Certified Course for Beginners on July 14th or 28th.  The Discover Kayaking on July 8th is a gentle introduction to kayaking 2.5 hours in length.  We  schedule a Sunset Paddle most evenings as generally the winds are down and sky lit up in those West Coast colours.  Give us a call or send us an e-mail to reserve.

Adventuress Sea Kayaking

Family Kayaking Fun!

1                     Seaside Tour
1                     Happy Canada Day Fireworks Paddle!
2                     Seaside Tour
2                     Sunset Paddle
3                     Seaside Tour
3                     Sunset Paddle
4                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
4                     Sunset Paddle
5                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
5                     Sunset Paddle
5&6                 Gulf Islands Getaway
6                     Seaside Tour
6                     Sunset Paddle
7                     Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
7                     Sunset Paddle

8                     Discover Kayaking Lesson
8                     Sunset Paddle
9                     Seaside Tour
10-13              All women Broken Group Islands trip
10                   Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
10                   Sunset Paddle

11                   SeasideTour
11                   Sunset Paddle
12                   Seaside Tour
12                   Sunset Paddle
13                   Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
13                   Sunset Paddle
14                   Mistaken Island Lunch Tour

14                   Paddle Canada Certified Sea Kayaking Course for Beginners
15                   Paddle Canada Certified Sea Kayaking Course for Beginners
15                   Sunset Paddle
16                   Seaside Tour
16                   Sunset Paddle
17                   SeasideTour
17                   Sunset Paddle
18                   Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
18                   Sunset Paddle
19                   Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
19                   Sunset Paddle
20-23              Kayaking with the Orcas!
20                   Seaside Tour
20                   Sunset Tour
21                   Seaside Tour
21                   Sunset Paddle

22                   Seaside Tour
22                   Sunset Paddle
23                   Seaside Tour
23                   Sunset Paddle

24                   Seaside Tour
24                   Sunset Paddle
25                   Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
25                   Sunset Paddle
26                   Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
Sunset Paddle
27                   Seaside Tour
27                   Full Moon Howl

28                   Paddle Canada Certified Sea Kayaking Course for Beginners
29                   Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
29                   Sunset Paddle
30                   Seaside Tour
30                   Sunset Paddle
31                   Seaside Tour
31                   Sunset Paddle

August 2018 
August is busy!!  So call to request your tour or join us on one of our daily tours.  We have double kayaks for younger family  members to kayak with an adult. If you have experience, rent kayaks and go exploring on your own… lots to see!  Need a quick getaway?  Try our 2 day Gulf Islands Getaway… paddling the islands and camping with fabulous views to the mountains on Vancouver Island on August  18 & 19th… how good does it get!!  Book now to save your seat(s).. bring your family and friends!  Book a Discover Kayaking … our 2.5 gentle introduction to kayaking… we have one on August 4th or book yourself in with some friends or family on another date.  Our full day Paddle Canada certified course for beginners is on August 12th.  We also book additional dates per request, so do check in with us as we may have additional dates.

Day tours everyday…email  Adventuress@shaw.ca to book your favourite!

1                          Seaside Tour
1                          Sunset Paddle
2-3                      Gulf Islands Getaway
2                          Seaside  Tour
2                          Sunset Paddle
3                          Seaside Tour
3                          Sunset Paddle
4                          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
4                          Sunset Paddle
4                          Paddle Canada Certified Sea Kayaking Course for Beginners
5                          Paddle Canada Certified Sea Kayaking Course for Beginners
5                          Sunset Paddle
6                          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
6                          Sunset Paddle
7                          Sunset Paddle
8                          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
8                          Sunset Paddle
9                          Seaside Tour
9                          Discover Kayaking lesson
9                          Sunset Paddle
10                        Seaside Tour
10                        Early Evening Paddle
11                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
11                        Sunset Paddle
12                        Seaside Tour
12                        Sunset Paddle
13                        Seaside Tour
13                        Sunset Paddle
14                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
14                        Sunset Paddle
15                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
15                        Sunset Paddle
16                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
16                        Sunset Paddle
16                        Discover Kayaking
17                        Sunset Paddle
18                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
18                        Sunset Paddle
19                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
19                        Sunset Paddle
20                        Seaside Tour
20                        Sunset Paddle
21                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
21                        Sunset Paddle
22                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
22                        Early Evening  Paddle
23                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
23                        Sunset Paddle
23& 24               Gulf Islands Getaway
24                        Seaside Tour
24                        Sunset Paddle
25                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
25                        Sunset Paddle
26                        Seaside Tour
26                        Full Moon Howl
27                        Seaside  Tour
27                        Sunset Paddle
28                        Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
28                        Sunset Paddle
29                        Seaside Tour
29                        Seaside Tour
29                        Sunset Paddle
30                        Seaside Tour
30                        Sunset Paddle
31                         Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
31                        Sunset Paddle

Paddling Desolation Sound

September 2018
Beautiful paddling weather.. a fine time of year to kayak a 2 or 3.5 hour day trip.  The California Sea Lions are slowly making their way back as the month progresses. Time for a lesson?  Contact Jan and we will get you out there.   Tours upon request as well, so pick your fav and give us a call to reserve.  These are suggested tours, so if not already booked, you can change to another tour.  And most evenings, we can run a Sunset Paddle, so feel free to email us to reserve.

1            Mistaken Island
1            Sunset Paddle
2            Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
2            Sunset Paddle
3            Seaside Tour

4            Seaside Tour
5            Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
6            Seaside Tour
7            Mistaken Island
8            Paddle Canada Certified Course for Beginners
9            SeasideTour
9            Sunset Paddle
10          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
11          Seaside Tour
12          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
13          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
14          Seaside Tour
14          Sunset Paddle
15          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
15          Sunset Paddle
16          Discover Kayaking Lesson
17          Seaside Tour
17          Sunset Paddle
18          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
19          Seaside/Sea Lion Tour
20          Seaside/Sea Lion Tour
21          Seaside/Sea Lion Tour
22          Seaside/Sea Lion Tour
23          Discover Kayaking Lesson
24          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
24          Full Moon Howl
25          Seaside/Sea Lion Tour
26          Seaside/Sea Lion Tour
27          Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
28          Sea Lion Tour
29          Mistaken Island Lunch tour
29          Sunset Paddle
30          Sea Lion Tour
30          Sunset Paddle

October 2018
We are staying open a little longer this year… come join us to paddle over to see the California Sea Lions who have made their way back to our waters.  Some days the tides are high all day so you have the option of the 3.5 hour Mistaken Island Lunch Tour or the 2 hour Sea Lion Tour.  Just email us at adventuress@shaw.ca or give us a call at 250.755.6702 to reserve your seats.  See you on the water!

1            Mistaken Island Lunch Tour
2           Mistaken Island or Sea Lion Tour
3           Sea Lion Tour
4           Sea Lion Tour
5           Sea Lion Tour
6           Sea Lion Tour
7           Mistaken Island Lunch Tour

We are now closed for the Season until March 2019. 

Thank you to all for such a fabulous season.. you make it easy to love what I do.. Happy Holidays!