West Coast Kayaking and Camping Skills Weekend

Calling All Women!  We know how much fun and addictive kayaking can become.  We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place as Vancouver Island with all its spectacular scenery, wildlife and utter quiet.  But of course not everyone gets to live here and experience this!  Some people would love to join us for a  kayaking adventure for more than just a day tour, but it can seem overwhelming and hey, a bit scary!!  I remember those days way back when (won’t say how long ago) that I was a beginner guide and had to face my fears about coming out on the ocean and hoping I would survive.

For 2016, we have incorporated this  West Coast Kayaking and Camping Skills Weekend into the 5 day Women in the Wild package (June 18-22, 2016)  and it is not offered as a separate package.  For this trip it is for women only… sorry guys, but let us know if you would like to join us another time on a co-ed weekend.

This is to encourage the adventure seekers (and those who are a little bit more shy) to immerse themselves in this 2 day intensive kayaking and camping workshop.  You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to feel safe and enjoy participating on a multi-day kayaking adventure. See the Woman in the Wild 5 day package  for the full meal deal!

Kayaking Skills

We begin with the Paddle Canada sea kayaking program.  There are no kayaking prerequisites for this class; absolute beginners are welcome!  You will learn a solid foundation in kayaking skills, launching techniques, paddle strokes and wet exits and rescues.  Upon successful completion, you will be awarded your Paddle Canada certification… and then you are able to rent kayaks on your own and head out on the high seas!

And to give you a deeper understanding of paddling on the ocean, we take it one step further and teach you some seamanship skills such as chart reading, how to listen to a VHF weather report, and compute tides and currents.

Camp Craft

Part of the fun of a multi-day kayaking trip is setting up camp.  For those who are newbies at this, you will l be a savvy and knowledgeable camper in no time!  We will teach you what you need to know to feel comfortable as a camper in a wilderness setting.

You will learn what gear to bring, the types of clothing best suited for paddling, how to pack your dry bags and kayak, how to set up a tent and where, how to erect a tarp and get out of the elements, how to light a camp stove and a fire.  We will have a campfire discussion and include topics such as food preparations, wilderness ethics and environmental awareness, camp etiquette, etc.  We have lots to share!!

More details can be found in the Registration Package.  Email us to get started on your path to kayaking bliss!

Cost is $525/person + GST. Your West Coat Kayaking and Camping Skills Weekend includes:

  • 2 days of camping off the wild West Coast of Vancouver Island experiencing spectacular scenery, pristine wilderness and our amazing wildlife
  • Kayaking and Camping Skills – 2 day intensive to introduce you to kayaking and camping in the wilderness
  • The Paddle Canada Certified Course for Beginners… you will receive your nationally recognized certification upon successful completion
  • Additional instruction in Seamanship & Trip Planning i.e. chart reading, tides and currents and trip planning to prep for you a longer paddling adventure
  • Hearty and healthy meals (all food allergies addressed in Registration Package), snacks and beverages from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 2 (and we do sneak in chocolate)
  • Professional, certified, knowledgeable and very supportive Guides and oh yes we are personable and fun to be with 🙂
  • Fibreglass kayak and all the  Canadian Coast Guard regulation gear (pump, paddle, tow rope, PFD (lifejacket) with whistle plus spray skirt and paddle float)
  • Safety equipment, an extensive first aid kit and communication devices
  • All group camping equipment except a sleeping bag and pad (available to rent if needed)
  • Dry bags for your personal gear
  • Launching fees
  • Camping fees

For more information, contact adventuress@shaw.ca for the Registration Package for full details of what the course entails, directions to the launch, and what to wear and bring, etc.