Seamanship & Trip Planning Course for Paddlers

Want to be a better paddler? Want to increase your knowledge, competence & confidence on the water? Want to be able to plan your own paddling trip? If you answered yes, then join us for the Seamanship & Trip Planning Course for Paddlers.  In this in-depth course, you will learn about weather, chart reading, navigation, tide & currents and trip planning… all designed to make you a safer and savvy paddler!

Designed by Jan Kretz back in 2007, this 15 hour course is especially geared for kayakers & canoeists.  Over the 5 weeks you will learn to assess weather conditions, understand a marine radio broadcast, read your chart and identify symbols, calculate tides and currents, use a compass, take a bearing, and plan a paddling trip. Cost of $199 (plus gst) includes extensive manual. Additional supplies required as well.

Since the range of experience and knowledge of the participants varies, it will include basic information for the beginner and deeper discussion and review for the more experienced paddler. Participants are encouraged to participate and share their knowledge and thoughts.

The course will be part theory, discussion, exercises and homework. The end goal is to be able to complete the trip planning exercise using all the information that we are studying. This exercise asks you to plan a multi-day tour taking into consideration all the various components needed to plan and safety lead a kayak journey. This is a fantastic exercise that makes you aware of everything that you need to look at (tides and currents, weather indicators, campsites and marine weather forecasts). You will need to know your speed, how to measure distance, how to identify good spots to camp and land and how to time your launch and when you need to arrive at your destination and lots more!  Some people find this trip planning exercise the best part of the course. It does take work but it is simulating real life kayaking experiences that can happen to you on the water where you must make the decision to stay or go and where to go.

Dates: 2020:  Tuesday evenings:  March 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31.  6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Location: Nanaimo… registration package has more details.

Call Jan at 250.755.6702 or e-mail adventuress@shaw.ca to reserve your spot, and receive your course details.

Ask about Adventuress coming and delivering this course to your group.

Comments from Seamanship & Trip Planning Course Participants

“This course should just about be mandatory for those who wish to progress in ocean kayaking going further than 10m from the shoreline. Great course to help understand the ocean and travel on it in a safe manner.” Seniorpaddler65, Qualicum Beach, from Trip Advisor

“I feel much more knowledgeable, so more likely to do trip planning and increased confidence about reading charts and tables. The trip planning made it all come together. Jan checking on everyone to see people “get it” and to answer questions. Great course!” Joan W.

“The course presented me with a lot of information that I now know I should study and master. While it’s fun to learn it in a class, I will continue to work at this on my own and with my partner. And it is surprising how much I have retained from the class. This will be a work in progress, and the course has given me a good grounding and a sense of where I want to continue studying. I look at the clouds differently now. I even have a different sense of space when I’m driving down the highway, imagining what islands are just off in the distance. Good course and thank you.” Gordon M.

“We just completed Jan’s “Seamanship and Trip Planning” course and it was simply excellent! Although we have been sea kayaking for a number of years, we had never had any formal instruction with regards to weather, navigation, chart reading, and trip planning – and we needed it. Jan knows her stuff – big time! She can explain the math behind the calculations involved in figuring out tides and currents, the “Rule of Twelfths”, and keep you smiling…all at the same time. The resources Jan provided will continue to provide important information and guidance as we increase our seamanship skills. There’s no question that each and every one of us who attended her carefully prepared sessions will be safer paddlers, and better equipped to support others we may be with on the water. HIGHLY recommended to all who love this self-propelled activity. Thank you, Jan! ”  Duncan and Joan Barwise

“”Knowledgeable, upbeat, fascinating and fun! Ever want to learn top-notch seamanship to be able to head out KAYAKING with confidence and knowledge? To learn about tides and currents, weather, reading charts, navigating with a compass, etc., and how to plan a safe, exciting and fun trip? Well, this is the course for you! 5 weeks – or 15 hours – with Jan in a stimulating and upbeat environment, learning everything you need to know to kayak and navigate with confidence. I simply can’t believe how much we learned in such a short time….it speaks volumes about how knowledgeable Jan is, and how well she instructs. Extremely worthwhile undertaking for anyone seeking to expand their abilities to safely be out on the water.” Trip Advisor testimonial from islandgirlNanaimoBC.